Get a business loan

  • Decision in 24-48 hours
  • Access funds within 7-10 days
  • No capital repayments
  • Fixed or flexible loans

Invest your money

  • 6.5% or 5.5% pa interest paid monthly
  • Secured against property
  • Personal service
  • Support local businesses
  • The fact it is backed by a legal practice of such long standing gives added confidence.
    T. Lewis, Lender
  • Folk2Folk offers a simple, clear and flexible loan solution, it’s how banks used to be.
    Mr S. Almond, Borrower
  • Investing funds via Folk2Folk feels safe and personal.
    N. Bridgewater, Lender
  • In a time when getting hold of finance for viable business projects with sound security is difficult, Folk2Folk offered a fast and effective solution.
    D. Gundry-White, Borrower
  • Excellent – allowed us to move our business to an ideal location and expand.
    Mr & Mrs Fuller, Borrower
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