Enabling local people to positively impact their local economy

FOLKONOMICS™ is the term coined by FOLK2FOLK to describe the economic model powering The Local Lending Movement.  Watch the below animation to see how it works.

On a local level, the transactions between our Borrowers and Lenders have an impact that is felt far beyond their peer to peer relationship through our online platform.

By accessing secured business loans for growth, development, and diversification, our Borrowers are benefiting their local economy and community. They are creating and sustaining jobs, they are retaining talent in non-urban areas, and stemming its tide to the cities.

The more local and rural businesses our Lenders help, the greater the positive impact on the UK economy. Vibrant rural and local economies attract people into those areas, new homes are built, house prices are stabilised, other local businesses benefit as a result and from being part of the inevitable supply chain; the demand for better communication and connectivity increases, local bus routes retain their relevance, local schools and services are maintained and issues of social deprivation are better tackled.

Additionally, our Lenders are earning up to 9% p.a interest on the capital they lend, many adding to their retirement income, which increases their available spend into their local economy.

FOLKONOMICS™ enables local people make a positive impact on their local economy and we think it’s one answer to securing long-term economic prosperity for rural Britain. Read more about us.

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