Challenges in banking the unbanked

Potential social and economic benefits of financial inclusion in developing countries are huge, yet many practical obstacles remain on the...

Farmers weathering the storm

Like the weather, politics are outside the control of farmers, so how can farmers hedge their bets in the current...

Vision for payments 2020

Domestically real-time, transparent transfers are the norm. Thanks to changes in the cross-border sphere, international payments are moving the same...

A Matter of Life and Debt

Last summer we spent a delicious day filming with our Borrower customer Dartington Dairy for the BBC1 documentary series ‘A...

‘Up Horn, Down Corn’ 

Ian Bell OBE, Head of Farming and Rural Engagement, ponders the modern version of mixed farming. The constant evolution of...
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Looking beyond “Pensioner Bonds” – FOLK2FOLK, a real alternative

Intro paragraph from the articles would fit in this section. Intro paragraph from the articles would fit in this section.

22nd January 2018

FOLK2FOLK in the news