Development & Construction Finance

Whether it’s a large house building or construction project or a more modest renovation or build, our Development & Construction Loan can help make your plans a reality.

Loan details:

  • Secured business loans from £50,000
  • 6 months-5 years
  • Rates from 0.42% p.m.
  • Borrow up to 60% of the Market Value of your security property (Valuation is not based on GDV)
  • Loans in weeks not months

These features are for property developers and construction projects where planning permission or change of use is required. For all other projects, including farm and agricultural conversions, see our Commercial Loan.

Loans for Property projects

Downloadable sheet about FOLK2FOLK funding for property development, renovation and construction projects.

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Find out more about funding for development and construction:

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Your property against which the loan is secured could be at risk if you don’t meet payments.


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