Earning more from their money

Mr and Mrs K have been loyal FOLK2FOLK customers for almost 5 years, first heard about FOLK2FOLK back in 2015 when they saw an advert in the window of the Launceston office, popped in for a quick chat and haven’t looked back since.

Approaching retirement and having previously invested in shares and premium bonds, they were looking for something which had a little more security. Mr and Mrs K opted to invest £35,000 into a small farm who needed the extra money to make renovations to their farmhouse after being unfortunately affected by TB a few years ago.

When deciding whether FOLK2FOLK was right for them, what stood out was that FOLK2FOLK was local. They could pop down to the Launceston office and have their questions answered in person and they had great rapport with their account manager who was always on hand to answer any queries they had. Another very important aspect of FOLK2FOLK was the level of tangible security against their investment.

Becoming FOLK2FOLK Lenders has enabled Mr and Mrs K to grow their retirement pot, with the knowledge their money is earning more than it would in the bank, and while receiving interest monthly contributing to a better lifestyle.

“We wanted to choose an investment which keeps pace with inflation, which we believe FOLK2FOLK does and we’re very happy with our investments and the returns we receive.”

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As with all investments your capital is at risk. Peer to peer lending is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Stock image: by Esther Ann on Unsplash

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