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General Terms & Conditions
Effective from: 24 July 2019
Ref: V.28.1

Loan Terms & Conditions
Effective from: 28 February 2019
Ref: V.5


Summary of updates to our General T&Cs

Last updated 24 July 2019.

In the usual way, these amendments will affect all existing and future Borrowers and Lenders. This is not a list of all changes, but a summary of key changes. We encourage you to please read our updated Terms & Conditions to understand the full changes.

Changes to Cancellation Rights

Whilst we offer our IFISA Lenders a 14-day period of cancellation rights (for the ISA wrapper), upon entering into a loan these cancellation rights will immediately be disapplied whether or not 14 days have passed from the receipt of the subscription.

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