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10 Steps for Setting Up a Farm Shop (Appetite Me) arrow
There is a lot that goes into setting up a farm shop, so much so that it can become very...
2nd August 2019
‘Up Horn, Down Corn’  arrow
Ian Bell OBE, Head of Farming and Rural Engagement, ponders the modern version of mixed farming. The constant evolution of...
2nd August 2019
Future of customercentric commerce (The Times) arrow
Being a merchant in 2019 is not easy as the payments environment gets increasingly complex, says Christopher Kronenthal, president and...
2nd August 2019
Understanding the future psychology of abstract money (The Times) arrow
How will our relationships and attitudes to finance, wealth and value change as perceptions of money evolve in the decades...
27th June 2019
An interview with the entrepreneur behind Yorkshire’s latest luxury glamping experience (BDaily News) arrow
“People always say: ‘Oh, what a fantastic view,’ and, yes, it’s amazing but I just didn’t know what to do...
21st June 2019
20 Tech-For-Social-Good Startups To Watch As Tech Nation Tackles Signs Of The Sector Stalling (Forbes) arrow
Sheeza Shah, founder of UpEffect, runs a crowdfunding and support platform for entrepreneurs “driven not by how much money they...
3rd May 2019
FOLK2FOLK seeks institutional funding for new product launches (Bridging & Commercial) arrow
FOLK2FOLK is looking for institutional funding to launch new products and develop the offering currently on its platform. Giles Cross,...
1st May 2019
A South West-based peer to peer lender is to re-launch its lending products aimed at individuals and businesses. FOLK2FOLK is...
13th March 2019
Stable Art
A Picture of Success: How expanding their premises increased local employment arrow
Dave and Sarah’s FOLK2FOLK loan enabled them to grow their business and employ 14 local staff. Now with a 20%...
2nd August 2019
Eco Home
Pauline & Andy’s Story arrow
Background Pauline and Andy have a small holding in Herefordshire. Inching closer to retirement, they made the bold decision to...
8th April 2019
Toastie Taverns
Toastie Taverns arrow
Lower monthly repayments and a relationship with an organisation that makes the effort to understand her business were two of...
23rd April 2018
Nick May
Nick’s Story arrow
Originally I was a farmer, but after Foot and Mouth affected us we had to diversify and FOLK2FOLK have enabled...
15th February 2018
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Sharp and Tappin
Richard’s Story Richard’s Story
"Sharp & Tappin is a precision engineering company and has been going for 11 years. The business has two parts: one...
15th February 2018
FOLK2FOLK appoints Claire Thayers as Chapter Development Manager FOLK2FOLK appoints Claire Thayers as Chapter Development Manager
FOLK2FOLK, the national, award-winning lending platform for local and rural business announces the appointment of Claire Thayers as its Chapter...
1st February 2018
Looking beyond “Pensioner Bonds” – FOLK2FOLK, a real alternative Looking beyond “Pensioner Bonds” – FOLK2FOLK, a real alternative
Almost four years ago, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne announced plans to ease the pain that had been felt...
22nd January 2018
FOLK2FOLK appoints new CEO FOLK2FOLK appoints new CEO
FOLK2FOLK, the national, award winning lending platform for local and rural business announces the appointment of Giles Cross to the...
3rd January 2018

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