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The Local Lending Movement isn’t just about us: it’s about all of us.

It is about growing ecosystems on a local level that open up opportunities for business growth and local investment; making a real difference on the ground.

The Local Lending Movement involves the participation and support, not only of our Lenders and Borrowers, but also our legal and accountancy partners, local authorities, MPs, local business groups, Chambers of Commerce, Local Enterprise Partnerships, surveyors, land agents, local cooperatives, leisure and tourism platforms, interest groups, community associations, charities, business groups, banks… All of whom we invite to participate in the delivery of The Local Lending Movement.

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  • Professional Partners:

    Law firms, accountants, valuers, and brokers who help deliver The Local Lending Movement locally.

  • Corporate and Community Partners:

    Other Organisations driving change who we align with i.e. the Country Land & Business Association (CLA).

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Our Partners

We are always looking to work with individuals and businesses when we can offer something that helps our customers and is mutually beneficial for FOLK2FOLK and our partner. We work with financial advisors, solicitors, accountants and much more.

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